Seeing in a Looking World

I know what it's like to wake up and feel exhausted. Even the smallest of frustrations can so easily snuff the joy right out of me these days. Joy so often hangs there in the balance, so fragile, vulnerable to the slightest shift of wind.  It's hard to juggle life and the raising of three kids -- period.  But then add to that the … Continue reading Seeing in a Looking World


6 Things Late Bloomers Need to Know

On the morning of the first day of third grade, my 8-year-old son nervously and quickly set his well-loved backpack against the brick wall in front of his classroom. "Oh no," I noticed.  "Your name's not on your backpack.  Where's the label?" "Uh ... that's okay.  I don't really want my name on it anyway,"  my son said quietly, shuffling … Continue reading 6 Things Late Bloomers Need to Know

Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Illness

Sometimes it's a very good thing to spend a day cleaning your garage. In one of our dusty banker boxes up on the top storage shelf, my husband rediscovered this little gem of a book called Breathing Patterns Disorders from several years ago.  "Remember this?  Do you still need this book?" As I've shared, it has been a rough … Continue reading Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Illness