Kindness Echoes

It’s a good thing to remember that not all beautiful stories are pretty. Several winters ago, I noticed our toilet was leaking. We tried to fix it ourselves, but soon realized we needed some professional help. Hector came highly recommended. I called his number, and though his wife (also his receptionist) told us he was booked, he came that same day. I opened the … More Kindness Echoes

Because She Stayed

We adopted Summer a month ago. She was the last of a litter of seven Chihuahua Terrier pups, and unfortunately, no one wanted her. When we brought her home, we understood why. At first, it was endearing to have this melancholy nine-month-old puppy in our home. “Oh she looks so sad,” we’d say. “Look, she won’t … More Because She Stayed

She Needs Five Cents

It’s hard not to see her. We’re stopped at a gas station on one of the crowded avenues in San Francisco. I watch her as she digs bare-handed through the garbage can. I see her dirt filled fingernails pull out empty plastic water bottles. She shakes out the water, dirt, or whatever else is in them, and stashes them … More She Needs Five Cents

What’s So Ordinary?

When it’s hard to believe in miracles… In the hope of change… In overcoming… In transformations and new beginnings… In healing… When our spirit is willing, but our flesh is frail… When joy is illusive; victory, distant… And wonder has lost its shimmer… I am stopped by this. A tree just outside my door. A … More What’s So Ordinary?