Because Today, I Can

This morning the intense Texas summer sun came through my bedroom window, and there was this resolve in me that ... it would be a good day. So with everyone in the family still asleep, I awoke first as I usually do, and whispered to our dog Summer, "C'mon girl, let's go outside so you can do … Continue reading Because Today, I Can

What I am Remembering From the One Who is Forgetting

Sometimes you can just spend a couple of hours with someone, but it can change the way you see the rest of your life. A couple of weekends ago, on a trip back to California, I visited my eighty-something year old aunt who is now living in a home for those with memory loss. She has … Continue reading What I am Remembering From the One Who is Forgetting

Kindness Echoes

Not all beautiful stories are pretty. Several winters ago, I noticed our toilet was leaking. We tried to fix it ourselves, but soon realized we needed some professional help. Hector came highly recommended. I called his number, and though his wife (also his receptionist) told us he was booked, he came that same day. I opened the door and found a man straight out … Continue reading Kindness Echoes