Endless Miles, Endless Sky

On Sunday, we drove for miles and miles. Endless miles. Eleven hours to be exact - from one end of the state to the other. Just the five of us, packed in a warm car, windows splashed with rain and highway dust. The wind blew hard against our wheels. Outside, the clouds hung thick and stormy over the Central California farmlands. … Continue reading Endless Miles, Endless Sky

Postmarked to Heaven

My little girl was so quiet the other day. She's never quiet. But that day, to my surprise, she was silently sitting at the table diligently coloring away. After a few minutes, she came to me smiling, holding a wrinkled piece of paper in her hands. "Look, I wrote a letter to Gung!" "Gung Gung" is a Chinese name … Continue reading Postmarked to Heaven


For all that is wrong with this world. For all that is hard about life. For all that scars us and makes us want to hide. And makes us want to scream. There are simple, happy pumpkin patches. Drippy, sticky artwork smeared to life by little hopeful hands. Tender souls who take the time to make the small feel safe. … Continue reading Still