Anchors for Anxiety

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and a relapse of Lyme Disease, and my autonomic nervous system fell apart. I suffered from immense anxiety and panic attacks for a year straight. I never imagined this could happen to me, EVER. To clarify, everyone experiences some worry and fear in certain situations. But anxiety disorders cause … More Anchors for Anxiety

Stopping Perfectionism

A couple of nights ago, my-eight-year-old placed his head on the kitchen table, and announced with tears in his eyes,  “I’ll never ever get this.” There before him was a slightly wrinkled paper with a long list of spelling words, all needing to be alphabetized … words like “tired” and “tried” and the like. And poor guy, so used to blazing … More Stopping Perfectionism

Making Happy Happen

My daughter and I braved the store today to get some eggs. I say “brave” because it’s really an act of courage to go into that store known for its bulls-eye (you know the one), with a 4-year old skipping by your hip. Yes, you know the one, that magical place that sells eggs …  and everything your kid … More Making Happy Happen

How to Really Send Your Child Off to Preschool

My 4-year-old girl started her first day of preschool this week!  I am so excited for her.  She has been ready for circle time since birth it seems. And finally the moment has arrived. Believe me, the thought of having some free time to myself after ten years of none is ridiculously precious!  But it also feels quite bittersweet. I … More How to Really Send Your Child Off to Preschool