Anchors for Anxiety

As Christians, if there is ever a time to be a light of hope to a fearful world, this is the time. There is fear everywhere. We fear our future, our health, our children's future, their health, the safety and security of a flight overseas. The problem is, despite a genuine intent to understand anxiety through biblical lenses, sometimes sufferers … Continue reading Anchors for Anxiety

Stopping Perfectionism

A couple of nights ago, my-eight-year-old placed his head on the kitchen table, and announced with tears in his eyes,  "I'll never ever get this." There before him was a slightly wrinkled paper with a long list of spelling words, all needing to be alphabetized ... words like "tired" and "tried" and the like. And poor guy, so used to blazing … Continue reading Stopping Perfectionism

How to Really Send Your Child Off to Preschool

The moment has finally arrived. My 4-year-old girl started her first day of preschool this week!  I am so excited for her! I know that preschool is just preschool.  And she's not leaving for college or anything. I've sent two other boys, now eight and ten, through these rungs ...  I can do this. But there is some genuine sadness … Continue reading How to Really Send Your Child Off to Preschool