Fearlessly Beautiful

"Am I beautiful, Mommy?" my almost five year old asks. She spins in a second-hand, slightly faded dress. Her hair's a bit of a tangled nest from just waking up, and her sash is untied, hanging loose around her. She is young, but already soaking in so much of the world around her. Maybe too much. I think, how? How in … Continue reading Fearlessly Beautiful

When You Feel Messy on Mother’s Day

On Mother's Day, I just wanted to sleep in. That was it. But my boys quietly came into the room with cards, my middle son, with a banana. "Mom, you wanna banana for breakfast?" He tried to peel it, then stopped. "Uh. I can't do it. Can you peel it for me?" And then he handed me … Continue reading When You Feel Messy on Mother’s Day