To the Waiting

Rain. Some splash in its puddles. Some quietly watch it all race down a window. Some eagerly drive through it, wheels spraying up a furious trail. But for some, it means waiting. Waiting for the sun. The warmth. Any small glimmer of hope. Rains of hardship, loneliness, injustice, discouragement pound down, with no trace of rest, and they wait. They are … Continue reading To the Waiting

When You Wonder if You’ll Get Through

Sometimes, the one thing we need to hear is, "You'll get through this." But often times the big, looming question is, "How?" Often I think it's in the knowing that we find comfort or in the answers that we find security.  Sometimes I think that wisdom is having quick answers and our "isms" all figured out ... but yet, why is it that the simplest words sit … Continue reading When You Wonder if You’ll Get Through