When You Wonder if You’ll Get Through

Sometimes, the one thing we need to hear is, “You’ll get through this.”

But often times the big, looming question is, “How?”

Often I think it’s in the knowing that we find comfort or in the answers that we find security.  Sometimes I think that wisdom is having quick answers and our “isms” all figured out … but yet, why is it that the simplest words sit right in that ache when explanations ten thousand words long can leave us so empty at times?

And so I send off to you these words, knowing how powerful it is to hear them.

You will get through this.

To the weary, hurt, ashamed, lost, lonely, sick, undignified, overlooked, discouraged — you will get through this.

Whatever it is, seen or hidden beneath the layers you wear, you will get through this.

tree http://www.invitedbygrace.com

Because do you remember when you were a child, with an imagination so vivid, that you could be anywhere and anything?

And there was nothing you couldn’t overcome?

Remember when the bathtub was a limitless ocean to explore, the kitchen chairs a massive fort to protect your kingdom, your wagon a thrilling roller coaster ride?

Remember when you curled in your bed with dreams, wiggled your toes against cool sheets, and wondered of all that was possible … and truly thought nothing was impossible?

And remember when you fell off your bike, scraped your knee, and realized words really hurt too  … and someone calmly gathered you, wiped the sweaty tears from your cheeks, and told you, “Don’t worry. You’ll get through this.”

And you believed it.

Your little heart clung on to that, with hardly any deliberation or  “paralysis of analysis,” and you just believed it.

before the ocean http://www.invitedbygrace.com\

I wonder, can we go back to that place?  Can we go back to that place of trust, still passionate for knowledge and truth and wisdom, yet just as passionate for a sweet utter dependence in Him even when we don’t know?  Can we rest our pounding hearts against the One who loves us best, forgives us, welcomes us back on his knees, and whispers to our scared, questioning souls, “I am with you.”

The LORD protects the simplehearted; when I was in great need, he saved me. ~ Psalm 116:6 (NIV)

I wonder, if we can stop and close our eyes for a moment, even before we let our thoughts rush in, even before we open our mouths to say a single word, and make our morning coffee?  And let the waves, the chaos, the hurts and all the reaching and the thousand dizzying what ifs … clear from our minds for just a moment?

And I wonder, if we will see it?

Will we see that horizon?

The immovable, beautiful horizon.  And the faithful way the ocean meets the sand, again and again. The way it calls us back everyday, to see our lives through child-like faith.  The way it all quietly says, we’ll get through this because we are made for so much more, and simply because He carries us.

horizon hawaii http://www.invitedbygrace.com

( A picture my husband took on his insanely early morning run in Laie, Hawaii this past summer … of course I was still sleeping and totally missing this beautiful moment!)

7 thoughts on “When You Wonder if You’ll Get Through

  1. Sometimes it can be so hard to remember that the same mighty God that sets those waves in motion, is moving in our lives. It can be hard to fit something that big into our little life, but that’s what He does. So amazing! Thank you for the reminder that I’ll get through it, it always helps to hear.

  2. Kim, I love this post. It was especially meaningful to me right now as I still have some emotions related to my move that is coming up very soon. It was so meaningful just to read those words “you will get through this.” You are right, I will! Thank you for such an encouraging post. As I continue to read more of your posts, I have noticed you just have this sweet, peaceful way that you write. I love it. I’m so glad I have connected with you! πŸ™‚

    1. Marla, so glad we connected too. πŸ™‚ I understand how it must be so hard to process the move. Change is never easy, especially when there are a lot of unknowns! We are facing a similar situation with possibly needing to move! So you are not alone!

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