Because Today, I Can

This morning the intense Texas summer sun came through my bedroom window, and there was this resolve in me that ... it would be a good day. So with everyone in the family still asleep, I awoke first as I usually do, and whispered to our dog Summer, "C'mon girl, let's go outside so you can do … Continue reading Because Today, I Can

Against the Darkest of Skies

I love Christmas. I love lights. I love Christmas lights. But lately, with all the terror in the news, I have been overwhelmed by this reality ... that we are living in one dark world. How easy it is for me to string some lights along my fireplace, singing along to my favorite Christmas carol … Continue reading Against the Darkest of Skies

When You Wonder if You’ll Get Through

Sometimes, the one thing we need to hear is, "You'll get through this." But often times the big, looming question is, "How?" Often I think it's in the knowing that we find comfort or in the answers that we find security.  Sometimes I think that wisdom is having quick answers and our "isms" all figured out ... but yet, why is it that the simplest words sit … Continue reading When You Wonder if You’ll Get Through