Second Guessing Your Journey

At times you have to take a certain road for a destination you can't fully see. This past summer, we packed our car and drove across the country to the flat, green prairie lands of Texas - a place we never imagined we'd call home. It has been an adventure, and we have met so many new people. Our world has … Continue reading Second Guessing Your Journey

A Piece of Home Again

I will be flat out lying if I said my boys, just two years apart, get along all the time. Sometimes it's a daily war over the littlest things. Part of it is that they are so different from each other. One goes fast, the other slow. One likes bold flavors... the other, nothing but vanilla. "I want a different brother!!!" … Continue reading A Piece of Home Again

Bittersweet Alaskan (Vancouver) Memories ~ Part Three

Sometimes everything becomes shrouded beneath the reality that... all life is grace. Just as we drove our little red rental car into Granville Island to meet up with some extended family for yet another touristy gig, my husband's mom called to say that she and Gung (my father-in-law) never did make it on their flight home. Gung was in the hospital, and he was in the … Continue reading Bittersweet Alaskan (Vancouver) Memories ~ Part Three