A Piece of Home Again

I will be flat out lying if I said my boys, just two years apart, get along all the time. Sometimes it’s a daily war over the littlest things. Part of it is that they are so different from each other. One goes fast, the other slow. One likes bold flavors… the other, nothing but vanilla. “I want a different brother!!!” … More A Piece of Home Again

She Needs Five Cents

It’s hard not to see her. We’re stopped at a gas station on one of the crowded avenues in San Francisco. I watch her as she digs bare-handed through the garbage can. I see her dirt filled fingernails pull out empty plastic water bottles. She shakes out the water, dirt, or whatever else is in them, and stashes them … More She Needs Five Cents

Why Every City Kid Should Spend a Week in the Country

I never thought I would miss having chickens hang out around my feet. But I believe the Hawaiian countryside has grown on me. And even on my city slickin’ kids. Yes, it’ll be good to have some relief from these horrific mosquito bites, but I’m sad to go. Actually, when we first walked into this beach … More Why Every City Kid Should Spend a Week in the Country