Making Happy Happen

My daughter and I braved the store today to get some eggs. I say “brave” because it’s really an act of courage to go into that store known for its bulls-eye (you know the one), with a 4-year old skipping by your hip.

Yes, you know the one, that magical place that sells eggs …  and everything your kid could possibly want in one convenient location. Want a tricycle? Some suitcases? Underwear? Bacon?  It’s all here. You gotta love it.

toy aisle

But wow, when you walk in there, you really must keep your priorities straight — get the eggs, get the eggs, GET THE EGGS. There have been times I’ve come home with summer clearance items and marked down Valentine party plates … and yet completely forgotten what I came in for!

Well, this time, I remembered. I got the eggs and about twenty five other things … and finally, after it was all done, my daughter was thirsty.

I have no idea what got into me, but I felt like I wanted to do something special for her, just because. I wanted to do something BIG.

We headed to the in-store food court.

“You can choose ANY juice you want,” I heard myself saying.

juice selection

You’d think I just handed her the moon.

She stood there for five seconds, and finally reached into the refrigerated case, bypassing the $1.00 juice boxes and reaching for the juice bottle with a huge Doc McStuffins head on it … of course. It was almost $3.00 … of course!

I must tell you, I don’t normally buy these kinds of fleeting fancies (aka brilliant marketing ploys preying on the innocent minds of our children).

But she was all smiles as I took it to the register. We stood in line … and I happened to look up at the menu and noticed a new item: french fries. Oooh.

I eat so cleanly and healthy in order to keep up my energy … but I do have a weakness, and it’s french fries (and cheesecake!).  I love my french fries … criss cut, straight, wedged, curly, shoe stringed. Yet I absolutely despise them for being so good but so bad for you!

I resisted. I paid the cashier for the big headed juice, and we sat down in the food court.


“Mommy,” my daughter said thoughtfully out of the blue. “I think you should eat something.  If you don’t, you’ll black out.”

The girl had a point. I once nearly passed out from low blood sugar. I didn’t actually black out — just got very lightheaded and weak. Okay, I’m sold.

french fries

I know this is not the healthiest thing in the world.

But you know what?  Everyone deserves a little splurge once in a while.

And maybe happy little splurges from time to time are part of being genuinely well??

No worries, tomorrow, it’s back to kale smoothies!

What are your little splurges?  I really want to know!

2 thoughts on “Making Happy Happen

  1. I agree! I feel like splurges are so good for the soul at times! They give a little boost! A couple years ago I had a lot of health problems. I could barely eat anything. As a result, sometimes food just felt boring. Now, even though I try to eat relatively healthy, I feel like the splurges give my life excitement! SO, my splurges? MILKSHAKES. And cookies. 🙂 Love the post!

    1. Oh I am really sorry to hear about the health problems a couple of years ago, Marla. So I know you understand. Milkshakes are pretty awesome. And who doesn’t like a cookie!?

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