Moms, Let’s Catch Our Breath

Some of us slip on dress shoes and head to the office; others of us slip on our yoga pants and stay at home. From the laid-back to the perfectionist, I am convinced, we moms work very hard. And we're sooo tired. Sure, some of us have the ability to hide it better than others, but I'm starting to believe, deep down, we're all pretty … Continue reading Moms, Let’s Catch Our Breath

Slurpee-Drinking World

We live less than five minutes from 7-Eleven. It's a bit of a curse. Sometimes, we take the kids to ride their bikes or scooters around our quiet neighborhood, just to get some exercise and fresh air. But it can be a challenge when you have a racing ten year old, a cautious eight year … Continue reading Slurpee-Drinking World