We Will Burn the Cookies

I only wanted to make some heart-shaped cookies. But that day, I walked into my daughter's preschool class with cookies that looked like blobs. I marvel at those of you who actually like to cook. I find it amazing that for some of you, baking cookies makes you happy. At times I do come up with something I'm slightly proud of - but I confess, I cook, … Continue reading We Will Burn the Cookies

The Day the Fence Fell

Now that I think about it, it was really only this fence, this divider between our homes, that connected us. You see, my neighbor and I seemed to have nothing in common except for a fence. The truth is that I never knew her. We never enjoyed any neighborly talk. She never asked about the kids. We … Continue reading The Day the Fence Fell

Why We Were Never Meant to be Stars

Like many of you, I  was deeply saddened to hear about Robin Williams. The other day, I spent some time reading some heartfelt sentiments, tweets, and Facebook posts remembering and mourning this iconic actor.  He was definitely the master of many personas -- somehow so convincing, relatable even in his absurdity. He was really a brilliant man.  He entertained us greatly.  We liked him.  … Continue reading Why We Were Never Meant to be Stars