Look Up, Press On

I got a call from my neighbor last night. The other day I had left some flowers on her doorstep. Her husband passed away three days after Christmas. He was eighty-three. "I just have to keep going, I guess," she said to me over the phone that night. I woke up this morning with her words still with me. It's … Continue reading Look Up, Press On

Bittersweet Alaskan (Vancouver) Memories ~ Part Three

Sometimes everything becomes shrouded beneath the reality that... all life is grace. Just as we drove our little red rental car into Granville Island to meet up with some extended family for yet another touristy gig, my husband's mom called to say that she and Gung (my father-in-law) never did make it on their flight home. Gung was in the hospital, and he was in the … Continue reading Bittersweet Alaskan (Vancouver) Memories ~ Part Three