We Will Burn the Cookies

I only wanted to make some heart-shaped cookies. But that day, I walked into my daughter's preschool class with cookies that looked like blobs. I marvel at those of you who actually like to cook. I find it amazing that for some of you, baking cookies makes you happy. At times I do come up with something I'm slightly proud of - but I confess, I cook, … Continue reading We Will Burn the Cookies

Why Caterpillars Make Better Company

I was tidying up my daughter's bedroom today, and I was simply struck by how much she loves butterflies. They are on her walls, her area rug, her pillow case. She paints them. She sings about them. Man. They get so much hype. So much has been said, metaphorically and otherwise, in poetry, art, songs, about the delicate beauty … Continue reading Why Caterpillars Make Better Company