Loneliness in the Church

It feels strange to say this. But I think the church can be one of the loneliest places of all. Now I believe, to be human, is to feel to some extent, alone at times. We all experience change, loss, feelings of misplacement. Somewhere along the way, we will be intentionally or unintentionally left out, misunderstood, looked over. This … Continue reading Loneliness in the Church

Because She Stayed

We adopted Summer a month ago. She was the last of a litter of seven Chihuahua Terrier pups, and unfortunately, no one wanted her. When we brought her home, we understood why. At first, it was endearing to have this melancholy nine-month-old puppy in our home. "Oh she looks so sad," we'd say. "Look, she won't … Continue reading Because She Stayed