10 Perspectives On Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease

When you receive a "chronic" illness diagnosis of any sort, a cloud of discouragement can so easily hover over you. An illness that has no end in sight? This can be daunting. When I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease seven years ago, I was completely overwhelmed by what was happening to my mind and body. It was at times, difficult to put … Continue reading 10 Perspectives On Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease


Ready, Set, Go!

I found these pictures from this past summer and had to laugh. How hard it was to get the timing right. My husband and sons could not get themselves in sync.  But it was a fun effort nonetheless.  🙂 It's a start of a new week. Monday. I'm already thinking of the roadblocks, hurdles, and massive puddles … Continue reading Ready, Set, Go!

Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Illness

Sometimes it's a very good thing to spend a day cleaning your garage. In one of our dusty banker boxes up on the top storage shelf, my husband rediscovered this little gem of a book called Breathing Patterns Disorders from several years ago.  "Remember this?  Do you still need this book?" As I've shared, it has been a rough … Continue reading Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Illness