Anchors for Anxiety

As Christians, if there is ever a time to be a light of hope to a fearful world, this is the time. There is fear everywhere. We fear our future, our health, our children's future, their health, the safety and security of a flight overseas. The problem is, despite a genuine intent to understand anxiety through biblical lenses, sometimes sufferers … Continue reading Anchors for Anxiety

Making Happy Happen

My daughter and I braved the store today to get some eggs. I say "brave" because it's really an act of courage to go into that store known for its bulls-eye (you know the one), with a 4-year old skipping by your hip. Yes, you know the one, that magical place that sells eggs ...  and everything your kid … Continue reading Making Happy Happen

Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Illness

Sometimes it's a very good thing to spend a day cleaning your garage. In one of our dusty banker boxes up on the top storage shelf, my husband rediscovered this little gem of a book called Breathing Patterns Disorders from several years ago.  "Remember this?  Do you still need this book?" As I've shared, it has been a rough … Continue reading Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Illness

10 Insights on Invisible and Mysterious Illnesses

Just look around.  Chronic illness is rampant.  It's so sad.  We're managing illness rather than preventing it.  Autoimmunity is on the rise.  We might be living longer, but not exactly better. In the midst of all of this, there's a subset of illnesses that I call "invisible and mysterious" that is surprisingly everywhere, too. By this, I'm referring … Continue reading 10 Insights on Invisible and Mysterious Illnesses

Why We Were Never Meant to be Stars

Like many of you, I  was deeply saddened to hear about Robin Williams. The other day, I spent some time reading some heartfelt sentiments, tweets, and Facebook posts remembering and mourning this iconic actor.  He was definitely the master of many personas -- somehow so convincing, relatable even in his absurdity. He was really a brilliant man.  He entertained us greatly.  We liked him.  … Continue reading Why We Were Never Meant to be Stars