Dustballs are Forever

One of the most powerful things we can say to a child is, "I'll play with you." I'll never forget the advice an older, wiser mom gave me when I was a new mom with a perpetual look of exhaustion all over my face. "I wish I had spent more time on my knees playing with my children rather than … Continue reading Dustballs are Forever

How Will You Breathe This Season?

There were a lot of tears this morning, my friends. My daughter insisted that she wear her favorite white dress shoes to her Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. Her heart was set on these shoes, only these shoes. But these beloved favorites have become a size too small. "Does it hurt?" I asked her. "No it fits, Mommy!" she mustered, clearly in … Continue reading How Will You Breathe This Season?


For all that is wrong with this world. For all that is hard about life. For all that scars us and makes us want to hide. And makes us want to scream. There are simple, happy pumpkin patches. Drippy, sticky artwork smeared to life by little hopeful hands. Tender souls who take the time to make the small feel safe. … Continue reading Still