God Uses the Quiet Ones Too

There's this boy, and he's eight. And he knows exactly when to curl up on the couch and play quietly alone. He knows exactly when he needs to shut this world out for a bit. That little boy is my son. A sweet-spirited kid, but slow, slow to adjust. He is always the quietest one in the class. Never wants … Continue reading God Uses the Quiet Ones Too

She Wants to Dance

This past Christmas we saw The Nutcracker at the San Francisco Opera House. We dressed up, wore extra thick jackets, and put on our best shoes. And my 4-year-old daughter loved every bit of it. It was her first time seeing a real ballet production. It was her first time sitting in fancy velvety chairs and needing to be quiet - … Continue reading She Wants to Dance


For all that is wrong with this world. For all that is hard about life. For all that scars us and makes us want to hide. And makes us want to scream. There are simple, happy pumpkin patches. Drippy, sticky artwork smeared to life by little hopeful hands. Tender souls who take the time to make the small feel safe. … Continue reading Still